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Alumni Spotlight

Skyheart Yantis

AA Class of '18

BAS-Applied Management class of '20

Skyheart Yantis


After I graduated with my AA in Business June of 2018, I decided to pursue my Bachelors in Business Management here at Centralia College Fall of 2018. During the summer break I went Skydiving for the first time, it felt amazing. During my first year in the BASAM, I held a position within the Student Government as the Senator for Student Advocacy until Spring of 2019. It was a great experience, I learned a lot about leadership skills and had become a better person because of that experience. I plan to obtain my Bachelors June of 2020.

One of my goals in life is to publish some books in poetry, because I love writing poems and expressing unspoken words from the heart.

Below find the poem "What Is a Father's Love?", that I wrote last Spring quarter. A lot of people seem to love and feel the words spoken in this poem, because it is very personal.

What Is a Father’s Love?

What is a father’s love?
I wouldn't know because I never felt it.
Sure, my father was around,
but there was always a void between us.
He often put me down,
In my own tears I slowly drown.
He made a fuss about everything,
acted as if he was the king.
Someone who must always be pleased,
but, I did not sign up for this.
He often took his anger out on me,
as if I was his own little punching bag.
Everything I said or did was wrong in his eyes,
because of him I lost my voice.
If this was a battle field,
you would see my white flag.
Friends and family would ask if I was okay,
but I couldn't’ tell the truth, so I made up some lies.
He made a liar out of me,
I felt like a prisoner with no chance to be set free.
All this little girl wanted was to be loved by her own father,
to be valued like she was fragile.
But, who was I kidding?
I cannot ask love from a father who is not willing.


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